Fellows attend insightful workshop on publishing research

Apr 11, 2024 | Central Asia Hub News, PEER News

Research fellows from PEER’s Central Asia hub attended a seminar offering advice and sharing guidance on publishing research in academic journals last month.

The event was organised by members of PEER’s Central Asia team, who scheduled the workshop to commence the day after the official book launch event for The Political Economy of Education in Central Asia, a collaboration from members of the PEER team.

Research Fellows reflected on their positionalities; and on how to present their research in different formats, and from different angles and perspectives. The workshop was hosted by Co-Investigator Hub Lead for Central Asia, Naureen Durrani.

Early career researcher and PEER fellow, Diana Toimbek, said: “I found the workshop insightful, and the world of academic publishing seems far more accessible now.”

“The workshop helped me to see different angles from which to publish my findings, as the most relevant parts of research may differ between different people and audiences.”

Diana added: “I think this kind of training is invaluable to young academics but is all too often overlooked.”

Co-principal Investigator of the PEER project, Professor Kelsey Shanks, said: “Navigating the complex world of research journals and publications can be an intimidating prospect in the early stages of your career.

“The goal of this workshop was to demystify this area of academia, while equipping researchers with skills and fresh perspectives on how to disseminate their work in the most effective way possible.”

The group also focused on the impact of collaborative reflections via new publications.