The overarching goal of the PEER Network is to inform socially just education systems and provision for children and young people in contexts of conflict and protracted crises. The network aims to strengthen political economy analysis of education in these contexts. To achieve this, the PEER Network will:

  • Establish two regional hubs of expertise in Central Asia and Africa.
  • Invite policymakers, practitioners and academics to co-produce and develop PEA tools, knowledge and expertise.
  • Commission research studies in each region which will facilitate locally owned knowledge bases and support Early Career Researchers.
  • Make all tools and resources freely available online to students, researchers and practitioners.
  • Provide a critique of Western led research hegemony in EiE

In doing so, the PEER Network will help to support a new generation of scholars and practitioners to undertake political economy analysis of education systems in their own contexts and ultimately influence change in global practice in PEA for the benefit of children and young people in conflict affected countries.