The PEER Network is a three-year initiative led by four universities (Ulster, Cape Town, Nazarbayev and Sussex) aimed at improving the quality of political economy analysis of education in partnership with academics, policymakers and practitioners in conflict-affected countries.

The core objective of the PEER Network is to develop a critical and locally grounded approach to Political Economy Analysis (PEA) of Education that will help national, regional and global level policymakers and practitioners make socially just decisions about investments in education that benefit children in contexts of conflict and crisis. As well as providing free access to online tools and resources that will inform and facilitate effective political economy analysis of education in these contexts, the Network will commission research studies in two regions (Central Asia and Africa), enabling researchers and practitioners to undertake political economy analysis of education systems in their own contexts. Commissioning of this research is made possible by funding from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

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