Statement of Solidarity in Support of the People of Palestine

Oct 25, 2023 | Africa Hub News

From Researchers in Africa within the Political Economy of Education (PEER) Network

We are a group of researchers from across the continent of Africa, within the PEER Network. Our scholarship and work are in the field of education in conflict and the political economy of education across Africa with a social justice focus.  

We note:

  • We express our condolences to all the people (Palestinians and Israelis) who have been harmed or killed. They are all victims of Israel’s apartheid state.
  • As people of the global South, we express our deep solidarity with the people of Palestine.
  • The people of Palestine continue living through unthinkable suffering, collective punishment, and death, as a result of indiscriminate bombing by Israel. This latest brutal bombing of Gaza is off the back of decades of occupation, siege, killing and dehumanization of Palestinians.
  • As fellows from across the African continent, we have experienced in our own countries’ different aspects of what the Palestinian people are experiencing.
  • We see parallels between apartheid South Africa and the Israeli apartheid state, that of extended brutality and extreme use of sophisticated military technology on a defenceless people (the Palestinians).
  • Just like in apartheid South Africa, we observe Israel’s unconscionable support from the global North (especially the United States of America) against defenceless Palestinians.
  • The current bombardment of Gaza reflects a prolonged ethnic cleansing and genocide as experienced across many regions across Africa. It reminds us of the extermination of the Namibians by the German military forces in Southwest Africa – modern-day Namibia in 1904-07, the genocide of the people of (Rwanda and Burundi) in 1994, and the many experiences of settler-colonialism across Africa, such as in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, and Algeria, amongst others.

We call for:

  • An immediate end to the indiscriminate and brutal Israeli bombing of the people, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, places of worship and homes across Gaza.
  • An immediate opening of humanitarian corridors to ensure the safe transport and delivery of humanitarian aid and basic services such as medical assistance, water, fuel, and food.
  • An enabling of the free and safe movement of people across borders.
  • No forced displacement or removal of Palestinians from Gaza as this is against the Geneva Conventions.
  • Israel to be held legally accountable for their current, and past, crimes against humanity of the People of Palestine.
  • A global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Israel, in order to end international support to Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and to pressure Israel to comply with international law.
  • To respect the Geneva Conventions that underpin international humanitarian law.

We demand an end to the deadly siege on Gaza, an end to Israel’s apartheid occupation, and the right of return for all Palestinians. We call on the international community to facilitate a peaceful solution for all parties, that ensures Palestinians’ right to freedom and self-determination under the United Nations Charter. We support the Palestinians’ call for a free Palestine.