Episode 2: Teacher Training, Teacher Identities: In Conflict and Crises

We all have had that one teacher – the one whose influence on us as individuals have shaped our journeys. In South Africa, many teachers fearlessly challenged  the brutality of Apartheid, either through their re-interpretation of the Apartheid curriculum, or instilling in their students a belief that another world is possible. But how has the transition to democracy shaped the role and identities of teachers? And what has the crises and conflict present in this transition meant for shaping the role of teachers  in society?

In this episode Ashley Visagie is in conversation with Henrico Murphy  about teacher training and teacher identities in the context of crises and conflict.

Show Notes

The Political Economy of Education Network is a global network of political economy in education researchers and scholars. The Africa in Conversation is produced by the Africa Hub of the Network. Ashley Visagie and Henrico Murphy are both educators, education activists and graduate students in the UCT School of Education. Follow Ashleys’ work here. Henrico can be followed here. Their research work is focused on teachers and the pivotal role they play in society. 



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Broadcast Date: July 3, 2023