Episode 5: Climate Change and Climate Justice: Landscapes for a new world

In this episode of Africa in Conversation we speak to political ecologist and environmental scientist Katrina Lehman-Grube. Climate change events and its destruction is no longer just a B-grade script from a sc-fi television series. It is the reality of life in the 21st century – ask the communities of Kwa Zulu Natal and the Western Cape in South Africa who experienced once in a generation flooding, the thousands of displaced people in Libya, the fire-storm victims in Greece, and the heatwave health crises in Europe this past summer. Climate Change is everywhere – but its effect and destruction is felt very differently depending on where you live, how much you earn and what access you have to mitigating resources. We explore the notion of climate change and climate change events in the face of social crises and social inequality.

Guest: Katrina Lehmann-Grube
Presenter and interviewer: Helga Jansen-Daugbjerg

Katrina Lehmann-Grube is a passionate researcher and advocate for environmental and climate justice. She is starting a PhD at the Environmental Humanities South Unit at UCT, studying the intersections of climate change and land injustice in South Africa. She is a Cannon Collins Scholar at the Cannon Collins Trust and an Associate Researcher on the Climate Change and Inequality Project at the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies.

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