Diana Toimbek

Diana Toimbek

Currently working as an associate professor in Political Science at Astana IT University, Kazakhstan. She has an MSc degree in Educational Leadership from the Nazarbayev University and Ph.D. in Non-Traditional Security from the Zhejiang University. He PhD thesis covered perspectives and problems of the knowledge-based economy in Kazakhstan as means of quality economic diversification and socio-political development.  Her research interests include mixed method research in inclusive governance, political economy of education and energy security in order to ensure the sustainable development and inclusive growth in natural-resources rich developing countries, particularly, Kazakhstan. 

Research Project

Old photo of Kazakh children at a classroom blackboard

Political economy of Soviet education in Kazakhstan: a critical review

The paper intends to explore how the main historical events driven by the political economy of the USSR during 1920-1940 shaped the educational policies in Kazakhstan and subsequently affected to the notion of the ‘national identity’ of ethnic Kazakhs.