Bridget Steffen

Bridget Steffen

What is alive for me at the moment is the immense power of the collective to re-imagine what no longer serves us, in order to build anew. I’m an innovator, a creative and a dreamer, working towards just, joyful futures. Rooted in South Africa since 2009, I am a community catalyst, activist and facilitator, a creative, an academic and mother of four. I draw from my experience responding to humanitarian crises, woven with my leadership in the design and delivery of pioneering learning experiences, in order to collectively explore, work with and reflect on the issues of our time. Using collaborative methodologies, systems thinking and ‘living lab’ futuring immersion journeys that help us feel into the many worlds that are possible, my work is rooted in social justice, and enables me to share and learn from the wisdom of humanity and the world around us.

Research Project

Two people wearing eye masks facing each other

RE-IMAGINING HIGHER EDUCATION IN, AND FOR, THE CHAOSMOS: experimenting with regenerative, embodied approaches to learning at UCT’s Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies (CTDPS), drawing from the past, present and the future

We are exploring experimental approaches to education at UCT through module re-curriculation and dialogues. By building an experiential environment, we co-created module content with 50 students, culminating in an embodied futuring immersive experience. This approach offers current Higher Education learning landscapes new possibilities for the future.