Keshia Arendse

Role: Research Admin Assistant

Affiliation: University of Cape Town

Keshia Arendse is a Masters student in Educational Policy, Leadership and Change at the University of Cape Town. Her research interest is in Public- Private Partnerships in online- learning, in disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape. The study utilises a Cultural Political Economy of Education Analysis approach. She is passionate about social justice, equity, quality and social transformation within education and is eager to explore sustainable and practical policy solutions to systemic challenges in the context of historical inequalities, neoliberal frameworks and globalisation.

Keshia obtained her undergraduate degree in Education at the University of the Western Cape and has since been teaching in underprivileged schools in the Western Cape. She has an Honours degree in Curriculum Studies and Educational Policy, Leadership and Change obtained from the University of Cape Town and works in various academic, administrative, coordinator, representative and liaison roles at the University of Cape Town within the professional, student and broader community.