New Podcast Series – Africa in Conversation…

Май 29, 2023 | Исследовательский центр в Африке

We are excited to launch the podcast Africa in Conversation… during Africa Month! In this podcast series, produced by the Africa Hub of the Peer Network, we will talk all things education, the political economy of education and society. Each episode is a conversation with educators, researchers , academics and social commentators from the continent of Africa, out in the diaspora and the world.


Episode 1: Ideations on representations of the black body

In our first episode, Peer Network Africa Hub Co investigator and director of the School of Education, Professor Azeem Badroodien and Associate Professor Divine Fuh, director of the Institute for Humanities in Africa, talk through ideas of the African body, African identities within that body and notions of resilience in the context of the political economy of education.

Podcast Episode Cover

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