Zilola Khalilova

Zilola Khalilova is a Research Fellow at the Beruni Institute of Oriental studies Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. She has work experience in research projects and fellowship programs on education which gave a network of potential collaboration and knowledge. Her research deals with the Islamic education in Soviet and post-Soviet Uzbekistan oriented on studying the activity of Islamic educational institutions and the knowledge transmission, the Islamic pedagogy, Muslim student’s life that particularly addresses the social history of Muslim culture. Besides that she investigates the role of Muslim females and their education in contemporary Uzbekistan through a variety of approaches based on gender issues on education, research on reading primers and school textbooks and questions of Muslim identity.

Research Project

Religion and education in Contemporary Uzbekistan: Religious and Spiritual Challenges in Public Education

The present project attempts to trace and investigate the policy of teaching religion in the system of public education of Uzbekistan through the prism of understanding of teaching discipline in a Muslim society in post-Soviet landscape as “teaching religion” or “teaching about religion”, as well as their connection in the formation of national and Muslim identity.