Natalya Hanley

Natalya Hanley is an early career researcher who completed her PhD in the area of Global Citizenship Education at UCL, Institute of Education. She has been working for different international development and humanitarian aid organisations as an educational development manager, educator and later on as a researcher. She developed and ran educational development projects, including Life-Experience and Global Citizenship Education. Her research interests include but are not limited to the following areas: critical pedagogies, Global Citizenship Education, global perspectives within formal and non-formal education in Central Asia. She is currently working on research within the PEER network project in political economy of education in the context of crisis/conflict.

Research Project

Wall mural with slogan "War is Expensive, Peace is Priceless"

The role NGOs play in education sector within post-conflict and crisis context

This study explores the work of local NGOs within the education sector and the contribution education makes towards peacebuilding and social cohesion in Kazakhstan.