In this podcast series hosted by Dr Christine Ellison, we meet some of the members of the PEER Network.

Podcast Episode: Meet Christine Ellison

In this podcast episode, Dr Christine Ellison gets the opportunity to discuss her PhD research with Professor Alan Smith and Dr Alan McCully.

Podcast Episode: Meet Naureen Durrani & Helene Thibault

In this episode Dr Christine Ellison meets with Professor Naureen Durrani and Dr Helene Thibault to discuss the work that has been done in the Central Asian region and what challenges still exist in the area.

Podcast Episode: Meet Alan Smith

In this episode Dr. Christine Ellison interviews Professor Alan Smith who holds the UNESCO Chair at Ulster University in Northern Ireland.  Alan has taught in both Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe and was previously a Senior Research Fellow at Ulster University’s Centre for the Study of Conflict.

Podcast Episode: Meet Mario Novelli

In this episode Dr. Christine Ellison interviews Professor Mario Novelli, a professor in the Political Economy of Education at the University of Sussex. His recent work has focused on the role of education in peacebuilding processes and he is a founder of the PEER Network.

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