The workshop will start at 1pm and finish at 6pm on the first day (20 June) and 9am – 6pm on the second day (21 June). We will start on time, so please make sure you arrive at the venue on time.

The workshop dinner will be at the end of the first day.

Each participant is allocateda slot on a panel of 3/4 presentations with a dedicated chair and a- 15-minute presentation time. Following all presentations, the chair will open the floor to the audience for questions and comments, and the chair will also act as discussant.

The conference venue will have the necessary facilities for PowerPoint presentations. We may ask you to share this with us prior to the event.

The final programme and all abstracts will be shared with you, and on the website of the PEER Network at

If you have any problems/issues, please contact Birgul at

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