Nowell Chidakwa

Nowell Chidakwa

Nowell Chidakwa is an ambitious professional with sound knowledge of the Psychology of Education theories and their application in the field of education, and a valuable experience in primary school teaching and supervision. His research interests are in behaviour management in education, managing education for orphans and vulnerable rural children, sustainable and transformational rural education, poverty and gender issues in education, and comparative education within a political analyst point of view. Nowell have an understanding of the role of community engagement in finding solution their problems. His work explores both the empirical data level and the underpinning theoretical discourses of education, work and skills development. This experience drives him resolve to engage in research to further understand and contribute to research in the complex rural education communities in Zimbabwe.

Research Project

a rural community gathering in Zimbabwe

Experiences of post high school youths in rural communities: a collaborative approach to enhancing resilience to attaining tertiary education

The study explores collaborative approaches that can be utilised by the Zimbabwean post-high school rural youths to attain the tertiary education they are failing to get. The study will identify types of networks that may assist in enhancing resilience for rural youths to attain quality tertiary education in the Zimbabwean context.